When you watch a rocket being launched, study close-up images of the sun, or even hear something as simple as the weather forecast, you’re grasping the work of Space Systems Research Corporation.

At SSRC, we work with our clients to support the projects that provide scientists with a better understanding of our world and space.

SSRC is focused on helping clients to capture information beyond our world. View some of our work and learn about our contributions to the space systems industry.

We assist clients in developing advanced instrumentation used in space to enable scientists in gathering reliable, vital information about and beyond the earth.
Our experts support clients performing scientific missions. We understand the critical requirements involved in development, acquisition, testing, integration and launch operations.
Our experts evaluate data, perform modeling, confirm theories, investigate anomalies, and assist clients in presenting understandable information to wide audiences for a myriad of space programs.
We support clients in the development stages through launch of sounding rockets designed to take measurements and perform scientific experiments during sub-orbital flight.