Scientific & Engineering Analysis

At Space Systems Research Corporation (SSRC), we have the experience to help understand the world of the scientific research because we’ve been a part of it for decades.

SSRC provides a supportive environment to scientists and students to enable researchers to participate in their pursuit of scientific research. SSRC provides our principle investigators and co-investigators with simple management interfaces and financial system requirements so that the bulk of their time is spent on research, not administrative tasks. Our support includes:

  • Scientific Analysis and Modeling
  • Structural Thermal Optical (STOP) analysis
  • Electronics boxes & circuit board analysis
  • Detailed finite element analysis
  • Safe-life analysis, leak before burst determination
  • Bolted joint analysis
  • Data storage and Archiving
  • IDL (& GDL) Scientific Programming and support
  • FEMAP for pre and post processing of finite element models
  • MSC/NASTRAN – finite element solver
  • NASGRO – Fracture Mechanics and fatigue crack growth analysis software
  • Operations Center Setup and Support Software